Wazifa For Obstacle In Marriage After Engagement

Wazifa For Obstacle In Marriage After Engagement”,sometimes girl/ boy encounters difficulties in conclusion of marriage after engagement on account of which marriage conclusion becomes difficult. These obstacle can be of normal recognized routine matters or on account of somebody’s jealousy actions…. Therefore, for this trouble, here is a straightforward wazifa which is straightforward and also useful one.
The boy/ girl who’s going to be facing obstacles should read “Darood-e-Taaj sharif” regarding 33 times after the ASAR Prayer and blow on a single glass water and drink the stream and then do DUA for eliminating these obstacles.. Try this for 11 days IN SHA ALLAH AZZA CALIFORNIA JAL all union related obstacles will probably remove and union will complete effectively. Urdu: – Aksar auqat mangni to be able to ho jati haya magar baad guys tarha tarha ki Rukawaten ana shuru ho jati rooster jis ki waja se shadi ka takmeel pana they mushkil men parr jata hai. Ye rukawaten qudrati bhi ho sakti rooster or kisi e hasad ki waja se peda karda bhi ho sakti hen…to esi halat e lye ye asa sa amal pesh haya jo k tez bhi ha…. Larka ya larki jis ki shadi guys rukawaten a rahi rooster use ye karna haya keh 11 din tak rozana ASAR ki Namaz e baad 33 martaba “Darood-e-Taj Sharif” parh kar ak gilas pani pe dam kar e wo pani pee le or sath they in rukawaton e door hone e lye dua bhi kare… IN SHA ALLAH AZZA CALIFORNIA JAL tamam rukawaten door ho jayen gi or perhaps shadi asani se takmeel paye gi…..
MUST READ DAROOD SHARIF & BISMILLAH SHARIF IN START OF EVERY WAZIFA NO MATTER MENTIONED OR NOT Should you be liking my efforts please share the item to others with face book and also other communities…… I delightful Your Comments!



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