Wazifa for Hajat Wazifa For Wealth and Black Magic

Wazifa 1: -Wazifa for Hajat Wazifa For Wealth and Black Magic”, For the health of completion of your Hajaat/ Wishes for whole of the coming year this is the very nice, powerful and easy wazifa. By doing this wazifa you could keep happy whole of the coming year and your wishes which do you want desire in heart for being fulfilled will become fulfilled IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL using the blessing of ALLAH AZZA WA JAL just for this wazifa. This is good for all Hajaat like job, wealth, and all day by day wishes like sometime you will desire to take chicken and coming from some where you’re going to get chicken to take etc. What a fascinating and beautiful wazifa can be this? This is all a result of the Barakah of your verse of Holy QURAN.

Now arriving at the method regarding wazifa, which is basically very simple. What you should do is to simply just recite “ ALLAHUSSAMAD” day-to-day only in Ramadhan after “Taraveeh of ESHA Prayer” or after “TAHAJJUD prayer”for 1000 occasions with any Darood Shareef for one/three/five/seven/eleven times at start and end of computer. After completing the item do DUA day-to-day for fulfillment of your desires and wishes with no trouble by the blessing of ALLAH AZZA CALIFORNIA JAL. You notice if you did this your wishes will become fulfilled whole year without asking to help anyone IN SHA ALLAH AZZA CALIFORNIA JAL. One have to do this wazifa every Ramadhan to ensure that he/ she will spend his/ the woman life with happiness and ease without any worry or issues.

Wazifa To keep wallet full of money

When i always try to see those wazaif which can be easy to do nevertheless powerful and effective in their results, here is surely an easy and intriguing wazifa for attaining wealth. By doing this very simple one time wazifa your wallet will be filled with funds whole year.
The method is a snap. After Esha Salah, in which comes between 27th along with 28th Ramadhan (means immediately after IFTAR of 27th ROZA), take 7 grains of barley and then recite “YA RAZZAQU” pertaining to 70 times and blow one grain then yet again recite 70 situations blow on second grain and so forth. So, like this particular recite 70 situations and blow upon each grain separately. Now keep these grains inside your wallet with protected and care. IN SHA ALLAH you will find that whole year your wallet help keep filled with funds. So, keep doing this every Ramadhan upon same grains. After every Ramadhan the potency of this wazifa boosts and increase INSIDE SHA ALLAH AZZA CALIFORNIA JAL.

Wazifa Breaking Black Magic and being Safe from further Black Magic

This is another easy along with effective wazifa for the people who find themselves victim of Dark Magic and facing lots of problem due to the present Bad thing carried out by bad along with Un-Islamic people associated with society. The person who’s a victim associated with black magic ought of do this easy wazifa within Ramadhan to escape this problem. When a person cannot carry out by him/her self applied, other person can perform it for him/her. The process is very super easy. What you have to do is to every day in Ramadhan within Sahr and Iftar take one glass of milk and then recite following gorgeous names for tips times and hit on milk.
Then drink the item with three Breaths/Sips means according to SUNNAH. Also recite 10 periods Darood Sharif within start and end in this. By the wazifa associated with whole month of Ramadhan each one of Black magic done on you’ll be cut and removed. Also, you will end up safe from additional attacks of Dark magic for complete of coming 12 months. So, if one will work this easy wazifa for the exact purpose every year he’s going to always keep protected from black miracle. I will declare that parents should get this to habit and tradition into their home to make this happen wazifa so that everyone keep safe through Black magic complete of life.



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